HVAC Services: Installation & Repairs

Whether it’s infloor heating or boilers, our experienced HVAC specialists can easily handle installation, maintenance, repairs and all other HVAC services for your home or business.

Boiler & HVAC Services

We tell all of our customers the same thing. With proper care your boiler can run efficiently and reliabliy for about 15 years. The key is to ensure proper maintenance and repairs along the way with expert HVAC services.


Whether you have a boiler you want installed or you need help choosing one to suit your home or commercial building, we can help.

We’ll evaluate your space and your existing system and provide you with the best high-efficiency boilers that suit your needs.

And, as usual, you’ll get a free estimate. So no work is done until you know what it will cost.


Like any appliance, boilers need maintenance to ensure they remain efficient over time. Things like calcium buildup and failing gaskets and seals can really impact the efficiency of your boiler.

An annual maintenance appointment with Infloor can ensure your boiler is operating as efficiently and reliably as possible.


Like all appliances, you want to get the most out fo your boiler, which might mean small repairs from time to time.

With boilers, it’s important to take care of the small things right away before they turn into big expensive problems. An annual maintenance appointment can illustrate anything that needs repairing, so you can sleep through the winter with peace of mind.

Radiant Floor Heating Services

Radiant floor heating, or infloor heating, is a specialized product that needs to be installed by an expert. We’ll help you choose the riht solution for your space and your budget.


Since radiant floor heating uses a lower temperature than standard radiators or baseboards, heating costs are drastically reduced. Because the heat source is spread throughout the floor, it is more evenly distributed and provides significantly higher levels of comfort. Radiant floor heating systems have a low upfront installation cost and zero maintenance requirements.

You can lower your furnace thermostat by as much as 2°C to 3°C degrees and save a ton of money.


Radiant floor heating heats the whole room, from the floor up. This gives you the luxurious comfort of warm floors, and the benefit of an invisible, inaudible and maintenance-free heating system. Because radiant floor heating systems can be zoned room by room, everyone in the house can set their own levels of comfort, from the basement to the bedroom.

It’s the highest level of customized comfort you can experience in your home.


Radiant floor heating reduces humidity and air circulation in your home, meaning that there are fewer dust mites, particles and allergens in the indoor air. This mean your home will have a much higher air quality.

There are also no hot low-level surfaces or hard metal edges, as with radiators, making radiant floor systems pet- and child-friendly.