Laticrete Radiant Floor Heating

Turn up the heat with one of the most advanced and energy efficient radiant floor heating systems available on the marketing. The Laticrete radiant floor heating system.

It’s tough to beat Laticrete radiant floor heating

Laticrete heating systems provides comfort and warmth in spaces where a more uniform and efficient heat source is valued.

Laticrete radiant floor heating systems are built with the world’s first heat conductive thin-set additive, innovative floor heating wire, uncoupling floor warming mat, and touch screen, and Wi-Fi enabled radiant floor heating thermostat.

  • Heat conductive thin-set additive reduces energy costs by 15%
  • An innovative, uncoupling floor warming mat makes for easy and secure wire placement
  • High-performance heat system wire maximizes heat transfer
  • User-friendly programmable, Wi-Fi enabled radiant floor heating thermostat
  • Transform bathrooms, shower floors, hallways, kitchens, and more into a cozy, energy-efficient retreat


  • Over 99% efficient to reduce waste and maximize resources
  • Lower operating temperature and fast warmup time means less energy consumption
  • “Plug in” to renewable energy sources like solar and wind
  • Contribute towards LEED Certification
  • Zero carbon footprint


  • Costs less to install than any other floor heat or primary heating system
  • Can reduce monthly heating costs up to 50%
  • Requires no additional monthly maintenance costs
  • Carries a 25-year warranty


  • The human body is designed to absorb radiant heat for healthy living
  • Radiant heat moves no air, preventing circulation of mold spores, mites, and other allergens
  • Perfectly Warm Floor Heat systems are UL and ETL


  • Freedom to design rooms without any intrusion from ducts, vents or radiators
  • Fastest install
  • Floor covering can be installed same day — no self-leveling compound required
  • A solution for every floor type